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@Raspberry_Pi @TobyRobertsPi congrats on being the first brand to self-immolate on the fediverse

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Ah yes, a device that captures sound like a camera captures light- what are they called?

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This modified version of the famous ‘turn #chatGPT into a pretend Linux system’ prompt is also my prototype for a product that will sell millions.

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Trying to suss out some other information about Musk's involvement in OpenAI.

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"Those who pursue decentralization usually end up reinventing DNS in some form" - ancient SRE proverb

@hoffm Thanks Spotify Wrapped for reminding me that my 7 year old is still obsessed with the Ghostbusters theme song for the 4th year running

Christ what kind of psychopath sends a voice message on LinkedIn

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Today as you injest your stimulant to recover from last night's run on the megacorp, jacking in to the warm glow of pixels being flung at your mirror-shade covered eyes,

Try to remember the true meaning of Cyber Monday.

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I'm officially on the job market!

If anyone knows of Staff/Principal engineer positions at companies with solid cultures I'd appreciate the heads up. I'll work with just about any stack but have a ton of experience with #Python/#Terraform/#AWS.

Apropos of holidays involving fucked up puritans. by @reparrishcomics

Awfully brave of people like AGM and DHH to take a stand against the all-powerful DEI hegemony taking over big tech with power moves like making us rename our default git branch to "main"

Linux question 

@mark try diffing ls /dev/ before and after it's plugged in? or maybe grep dmesg for 'tty'

Performed a fan swap on one of my homelab NUCs after 4 years of faithful service, took all of about 5 minutes. wish every piece of computing I owned were so repair-friendly!

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I’ve not posted to my blog in a while because it was quicker to love blog on birdsite. But recently, there’s a renewed purpose to try and convert some of my repair threads from birdsite to my blog. Boosts welcome!

This is the first one, Welcoming (back) a LaserWriter II. Things you’ll find in this post: some repairs, software fixes, hacks to print from an iPhone, and refurbishment of a new toner cartridge. Hope you enjoy! #RetroComputing #LaserWriterII #Apple

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