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Started my new job today as Sr. Manager of an SRE team at @zscaler. Thanks again to everyone who boosted this, gave referrals etc. Really appreciate the help and support.💖

RT @liesandperfidy: this would be a situation where an actual left-wing party would be coordinating with unions to mobilize demonstrations…

RT @lazerwalker: A concrete reminder about period tracker data, as people are urging you to delete your apps: Apple Health data is safe fro…

Halfway seriously considering writing a script to scrape metrics of market volatility and if it’s too high block access to my brokerage at the router

Just got laid off. In hindsight, joining a very small startup a few months ago was maybe not the most prudent. 😅 Kindly hit me up with your open principal SRE / SRE management roles

RT @blueminder: cops in schools exist to harass kids, collect overtime, and to give up when their own necks are on the line against trigger…

..when the wind is southerly, he'll trade a horse for a handjob?

RT @pts: Apple TV+ should bring Neo Yokio back.

RT @pts: Good morning. I have officially begun my search for work as a software developer. If you are (or know someone who is) looking to h…

Go check out what we've been working at Baseten, we just released a public beta of our ML ops platform - I personally hope it ends up powering a lot of deeply weird Twitter bots soon

found myself in a Github Codespace reflexively using vim to do some quick file edits. this is what decades of CLI brain poisoning will do to you

woo got my multihome ISP setup working, yes it is almost 2am and I've been configuring WAN loadbalancers and failover on my pfsense router, friday night baby

Achieved a years long dream of making a pretty good approximation of Apollinaris sparkling mineral water thanks to @tastymolecules’ work. Now I’ve got 5 gallons in my kegerator :)

Picked up this beautiful near-mint Apple 410 Color Plotter recently and hacked together a terrible sed/awk pipeline that’ll covert HPGL into its native command set.

RT @thegrugq: KGB pensioner loses information war to comedian with a smartphone.

if only we could harness the power of Reagan spinning in his grave we could cut European dependence on Russian gas

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